Caring About The Game

IAABO Board 403, the Catawba River Basketball Officials Association, is located in the upstate of South Carolina. Officials call school basketball games in York, Chester, Lancaster and Fairfield counties as well as in many rec and church leagues. The association consists of some 80 men and women dedicated to the highest standards of basketball refereeing while maintaining the stated purposes of CRBOA, which are:

IAABO Board 403 is a leader in the training of basketball officials in the areas of:
  • Basketball rules
  • Mechanics and signals of officiating
  • Basketball rule interpretations through case play analysis
  • Techniques of officiating
Training and education processes are ongoing. IAABO has been the unparalleled and undisputed leader in the worldwide training of basketball officials. Through its affiliation with IAABO, Board 403 provides a comprehensive basic course in basketball rules as well as a practical exam for new officials. This course begins in early September and completes in early November with a comprehensive examination on the rules. Veteran officials are required to undergo annual testing and to attend clinics on rules knowledge, mechanics training and technical competence. These clinics include written materials, graphics and videos from various sources including IAABO.

The web site provides association members with access to over 1400 case play situations and questions along with answers and the appropriate rule references. Development of officials is augmented by written and video review. Up to the minute rules interpretations received from the NFHS and IAABO and other basketball information is disseminated throughout the association via the Internet.