Rule 1 Questions from 1992 to 2007

The questions and answers shown below are from SCHSL exams from the last 16 years. It is possible that there may be typos and/or an incorrect answer or two. If you should detect any problems, please let us know by emailing us at . Clicking on the "+" sign will reveal the correct answer.

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1. The color of the lane space marks and neutral zone shall contrast with the color of the boundary line
1. False - Section 5 Article 2 - 2004

2. There are three marked lane spaces on each side of the lane.
2. True - Section 5 Article 2 last sentence

3. The padding on a rectangular backboard shall extend a distance of 20 inches up the sides from the bottom and may be any single, solid color, but shall be the same color on both backboards.
3. False - Section 9 Article 1 - 2004

4. Each basket ring shall be attached to the backboard/support with a ring-restraining device.
4. True - Section 11 Article 1 - 2006

5. The game ball supplied by the home team does not have the NFHS Authenticating Mark. The visiting team does have a ball with the NFHS Authenticating Mark. Ruling: The referee must accept the game ball supplied by the home team.
5. False - Section 12 Article - 2004

6. The black rubber rib separating the panels on the ball may not exceed 1/4 inch in width.
6. True - Section 12 Article 1g

7. The timer shall sound a warning signal 15 seconds before the expiration of a 60-second time-out and 10 seconds before the end of a 30-second time out.
7. False - Section 12 Article 4 - 2006

8. Home management designates the location of each team's bench prior to the contest.
8. True - Section 13 Article 1

9. The location of each team's bench shall be designated by the referee.
9. False - Section 13 Article 1 - 2002

10. If a team fails to occupy the bench to which it is assigned, the foul is charged indirectly to the head coach.
10. False - Section 13 Article 1, Rule 10 Section 1 Article 4

11. Upon arrival on the court, the visiting team is advised its team bench is located on the right side of the scorer's table. This location means the visiting team's substitutes will have to go considerably further than the home team to the reporting area. The visiting coach complains to the referee. Ruling: The referee has no authority to move the location of either bench, unless it involves player safety.
11. True - Section 13 Article 1 (Case Book Play 1.13.1) - 2004

12. The head coach may stand in front of his seat or within the confines of the coach's box to give instructions to his players or substitutes.
12. True - Section 13 Article 2 Note, Rule 10 Section 5 Article 1

13. The head coach is the only coach that has the privilege of using of the coach's box.
13. True - Section 13 Article 2 Note & Rule 10 Section 4 Article 4

14. The scorers/timers and media table is 36 feet long, thereby preventing placement of the coaching box per existing rules. Upon request and approval of the state association, the coach will be permitted to leave the bench area and stand in the box located in an alternate area away from the team seating area. Ruling: Permissible with the state approval.
14. False - Section 13

15. A red light is not permitted behind each backboard to supplement the audible timer's signal that time has expired
15. False - Section 14 - 2003

16. A visible game clock and scoreboard are mandatory.
16. True - Section 15 - 2007

17. A visible display shall be located on the scoreboard to indicate team possession
17. False - Section 16 - 2003

18. A visible display must be located on the scorer's table to indicate team possession for the alternating-possession procedure, even if there is a team possession arrow on the scoreboard.
18. True - Section 16 - 2006

19. An "X" 12 inches long and 2 inches wide shall be placed on the floor out of bounds directly in front of the scorer to help substitutes locate the scorer.
19. True - Section 17

20. An "X" in front of the scorer's table is not required.
20. False - Section 17 - 2007

21. The playing of artificial noise makers shall only be permitted during pre-game and post-game
21. False - Section 18 - 2003

22. The use of artificial noise makers is prohibited.
22. True - Section 18 - 2006

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