Rule 8 Questions from 1992 to 2007

The questions and answers shown below are from SCHSL exams from the last 16 years. It is possible that there may be typos and/or an incorrect answer or two. If you should detect any problems, please let us know by emailing us at . Clicking on the "+" sign will reveal the correct answer.

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1. The official is ready to administer the free throw. Free thrower is A1 huddling with teammates and is not in the semicircle. The resuming play procedure is not in effect. Ruling: Technical on A1 for delay.
1. True - Section 1 Article 1a (Case Book 8.1.2) - 1994

2. Huddles and contact with the free thrower which delays the administration of a free throw applies to Team A only.
2. False - Section 1 Article 1a (Case Book 8.1.2) - 1997

3. Each team is given one warning per half for delay due to the team huddling prior to the shot.
3. False - Section 1 Article 2 last sentence (Case Book 8.1.2) - 1995

4. Following a timeout, the resuming play procedure is used if either team delays the free throw administration.
4. True - Section 1 Article 2 - 1997,01

5. The maximum number of players along the lane during free-throws is eight.
5. False - Section 1 Article 4 a - 2001

6. A1 is at the free-throw line for two shots. B4 and B5, both in the first lane spaces (nearest the end line and B3 and B2 in the next nearest lane spaces, line up along the free throw lane line for the free- throw. No players occupy the spaces nearest the free thrower. Ruling: Legal alignment of players.
6. True - Section 1 Article 4 a thru e - 2008

7. A1 is at the free-throw line for the first attempt of a bonus situation. Two Team B players occupy the first marked lane spaces (nearest the end line).Team A chooses not to occupy any marked lane spaces during the free throw. Ruling: Legal alignment for players
7. True - Section 1 Article 4 c&d (Case Book 8.1.4 play c) - 2003

8. A simultaneous violation is called if an offensive player occupies the first marked lane space during a free throw.
8. True - Section 1 Article 4 b - 2006

9. A1 is injured when fouled on a layup. A1 leaves the game because of the injury. Team A has no substitutes to replace him. The captain or head coach of Team A may select the player in the game to attempt A1's free throws.
9. True - Section 2 - 2002

10. If Al is injured when fouled by B1 and A6 replaces A1, it would be legal for A2, who is already in the game, to shoot the foul shots.
10. False - Section 2 - 1994,97

11. Al is unable to attempt either of the two free throws awarded him due to an injury. A6 replaces Al and attempts one free throw. A7 reports to the table to replace A6 and will attempt the second free throw. Ruling: Legal.
11. False - Section 2 (Case Book 8.2) - 1992

12. A1 is injured during a play in which A1 has been fouled. As a result, A1 cannot attempt the free throw awarded to him. Substitute A6 replaces A1 and attempts the free throw, which is successful. Substitute A7 replaces A6 before the clock starts. Ruling: Legal substitution.
12. True - Section 2 - 1992,2005

13. A1 is fouled in the act of shooting for a successful try. A1 is injured in returning to the floor and must leave the game. RULING: A1's substitute must shoot the free throw.
13. True - Section 2 - 2006

14. The starting line-ups have been reported and just before the toss to start the game, Team A is assessed a technical foul. The coach of Team B substitutes B6 for B5 to shoot the technical. Ruling: Legal
14. True - Section 3 - 1995

15. The free throws awarded because of a technical foul may be attempted by two different subs
15. True - Section 3 - 2002,03

16. A1 is holding the ball for the second free throw and has not started the throwing motion when B2 fouls A2 along the lane. Team A is in the bonus. Ruling: Clear the lane for both A1 and A2 free throws.
16. False - Section 6 Article 1 (Case Book 9.1.6 sit: b - play b) - 1996

17. Penalties for fouls are administered in the order in which they occur.
17. True - Section 7 - 2007

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