2009-2010 - South Carolina Points of Emphasis - Issue 5

"Working together, we will all get better."

Welcome to the Points of Emphasis page for basketball for the South Carolina Basketball Officials Association. The purpose of this page is to communicate information to all basketball officials regarding items and issues that need to be addressed in connection with basketball officiating across the state. This page will be published on an as needed basis. This issue is devoted to officiating in the state tournament

Commissioner's Notes - Confirming the game with the members of each crew assigned to a game in the tournament is vital. We cannot not have any "No Shows." If you do not hear from your referee, call him/her. Please check your schedules daily since games are being assigned everyday until the end of the season. Please make sure your calendar markoffs are up to date. With the short turnaround times for these games, declining an assignment may lead to being removed from the rotation for the tournament.

SCBOA Notes - Listed below are some items that may help all of us be on the same page throughout the tournament.

General Comment - The South Carolina High School League Basketball Tournaments have a rich history and tradition. There are very high expectations of those who serve the Tournament in the role of an official. The official is part of the education process and responsible for assisting the High School League and the member schools in their effort to have the youth benefit from participating in this very special athletic experience. Beyond being well versed with the rules, mechanics, signals and professionalism - truly CARING about the game, the task at hand and one's officiating MATTERS!

Be professional and respect the high school game. All officials should bring their high school package of mechanics, signals and rules application to the State Tournament. Using other mechanics, signals and rules applications are a very obvious indication that one does not respect the high school game. If you do not intend to comply, do everyone a favor and simply thank the assigner for considering you and stay home.

Pre-game Conference - A very thorough one is a must! Often times you will be officiating with someone whom you have not officiated with this season. Be sure to go over coverages, communications, points of emphasis and brief rules reminders.

Free Throws - Know who the free thrower is. Inform your partners before leaving the site of the foul. Take your time. Attention must be given to free throw coverage. Don't quit upon the release of the ball on a free throw. Expect players to abide by the rule; the high school and college rule are different. Penalize players who cheat - It Matters.

Traveling - Compliance with the traveling rule has improved tremendously. The rule does not change for the state tournament. Continue to penalize the illegal spin moves, extra hops by perimeter shooters and ball handlers lifting the pivot foot prior to releasing the ball to start a dribble.

Contact - Handchecking - When it occurs, make the ruling. Continuous contact by a hand or arm is always a foul. Why does the player place a hand(s) or forearm on the opponent? Is it to help his/her defensive play or hinder it? The answer is obvious. Penalizing such contact, eliminates it. And the game is better off.

Contact - Post Play - Offense or defense holding, pushing, or backing in is illegal contact. Penalizing such contact, eliminates it. Again the game is better off.

Signals - Be sure that signals are clear, sharp and crisp. Don't be over emphatic. Don't be a cheerleader for the fans of the benefiting team. Demonstrate composure and professionalism.

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